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Do you want to get the right recognition for your art?


The most important art critics, the authors historicized with YOUR WORKS on the new International Yearbook of Contemporary Art, distributed in Italy and around the world by Mondadori Store.

After the great success of the previous edition, the editorial staff of Artisti began the selection of the works for the publication of the 2021 yearbook.

Vittorio Sgarbi
The figurative art

Angelo Crespi
Sculpture, Transgressions and Passions

Luca Beatrice

Photography, The new expressive trends

Sandro Serradifalco
Abstraction e
the informal

Edoardo Sylos Labini

A publication full of historical and critical notes, a real scientific catalog of the best contemporary works of art.

A unique project that, in comparison with other yearbooks art, guarantees prestige and visibility like no other.

There is no such editorial proposal on the market. In fact, in the previous edition, over 400 artists joined and understood the opportunity offered by this project.

ARTISTS ’21, the International Yearbook of Contemporary Art, distributed by Mondadori Store, designed to best represent your art in the world.

If you want to make your art known and appreciated it is essential to get visibility by all means possible today:

  • internet;
  • live exhibitions;
  • publications in trade magazines;
  • the art catalogs ;

but that’s not enough.

You need to know how to choose the best media. The best websites, the best galleries, the best magazines, the best art catalogs .

There is a very easy way to understand how to select best partners to collaborate with: see what those who have already achieved success in the art world do and what channels and means they have exploited.

Where are the Top Influencers today , the most important operators of Art that can direct you on the best paths and help you grow in your industry?

A team of critics, gallery owners, journalists, consultants like never before :

  • Luca Beatrice , Angelo Crespi , Sandro Serradifalco , Edoardo Sylos Labini , Vittorio Sgarbi will introduce each section of the yearbook;
  • Angelo Crespi will be president of the scientific committee that will take care of the selection of works to be published;
  • Nino Argentati – Administrator of PitturiAmo and other artistic consultants will be part of the scientific committee of works to be published.

Take part in the selection

2 color pages + 1/3 page with biographical profile

The utmost editorial care in a volume of over 1000 pages

Encyclopedic format: cm 25x29 – 5Kg

International distribution through Mondadori Store

You can publish:

  • Your best full-page color work , to show what you can do right away;
  • A second work, always in color and full page, in the special ART / MARKET section with relative quotations and auction beating;
  • A third work on a third page, to be published next to your biography , to talk about you and your artistic development and immediately direct users to your art;
  • Your contact details , to facilitate communication with art operators
  • A free copy of the catalog.

Your Art enhanced in the great project ARTISTS.

A thoughtful debate between the great stylistic legacies of the past and the most current expressive trends.

In a single volume the great ARTISTS of the past in comparison with the emerging ARTISTS of the present.

Quotations, market evaluations, dossiers, thematic editorials , Critics, galleries, make ARTISTS the most authoritative international art yearbook, the indispensable means of consultation and promotion for the artist and today’s market.

A useful giveaway for all advertisers.

The brochures dedicated to your publication with a personalized cover

N ° 50 Brochures reproducing the pages dedicated to the volume. The cover of the brochures will be personalized with your work.

Today you have the opportunity to enter the International Art Yearbook distributed in Italy and in the world from Mondadori Store at extremely advantageous conditions

2 pages whole + 1/3 page for the biographical note

  • 1 color page in the stylistic section to which it belongs (figuration, abstraction, sculpture, photography, etc).
  • 1 color page in the ART MARKET section with publication of quotes and auction entries.
  • 1 / 3 of page with biographical text (500 characters) .

Registrations are closed.

Mondadori Store, the certainty of a national distribution carried out by the first Italian publishing group.

The Mondadori Store logo guarantees undisputed quality for an International Yearbook that can be purchased over 600 points of sale Mondadori and online on the website mondadoristore.it .

Hundreds of copies of the ARTISTS yearbook will be honored to Italian and foreign public galleries, libraries and main Italian museums.

Your works will be viewed by numerous international gallery owners and art dealers.

In the places that matter. An indispensable tool for artists, gallery owners, experts, collectors, art lovers .

Similar projects have very high costs, over a thousand euros , but this proposal, in line with PitturiAmo’s initiatives, will be much cheaper.

Luca Beatrice

Curator of contemporary art among the best known on the Italian scene. He was a pupil of Enrico Crispolti at the specialization school in art history of the University of Siena. Curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale. Since autumn 2009 he has been teaching at the Albertina Academy in Turin. He is curator of the editions of the Cairo Award from 2010 to 2013 and of the Michetti Award 2012, in Francavilla al Mare (CH).

Angelo Crespi

A professional journalist, he has collaborated on the cultural pages of il Foglio and of the daily newspaper, and on the "Comments and Opinions" page of Il Corriere della Sera. He is editor of the Sunday insert of Il Giornale, ilgiornaleoff.

Vittorio Sgarbi

He is an Italian art critic, essayist, politician, columnist and television personality. He has been a member of Parliament and several municipal administrations several times, including Milan.

Sandro Serradifalco

Publisher, critic and essayist, he takes his first steps in the world of art in the double role of painter and gallery owner: the experience lived within the mechanisms of both barricades allows him to deal with the image of artists with rare sensitivity, through the creation of events of important national and foreign caliber.

Edoardo Sylos Labini

Italian actor, director and publisher. He is currently artistic consultant of the Manzoni Theater in Milan, for 4 years he has curated the Manzoni Cultura review, a series of cult interviews with the most famous personalities from the world of entertainment and the Italian cultural scene, which since 2018 has moved to the Mondadori store in piazza del Duomo with the name of Mondadori OFF

I numeri di PitturiAmo®

Pittori in promozione

Quadri in esposizione

PitturiAmo is filling a void created by the Italian state that does nothing to bring Italian art to the world.

Paolo Levi

Critico Internazionale d'Arte

From left: Paolo Levi, international art critic and Nino Argentati, Administrator of PitturiAmo.

Premio Internazionale di Milano, con Vittorio Sgarbi - Teatro Dal Verme (Milano) - luglio 2017

Primo Premio PitturiAmo tenutosi a Firenze

Premio Internazionale PitturiAmo, con Paolo Levi - Palazzo Ximenes (Firenze) - Gennaio 2018

PitturiAmo ha già aiutato molti artisti ad ottenere una maggiore visibilità online , che si traduce in:

  • Vendita di quadri direttamente sul portale;
  • Vendita di dipinti tramite trattativa privata;
  • Vincite  di premi in concorsi;
  • Partecipazione a fiere, mostre ed eventi vari;
  • Mostre in collettive in luoghi prestigiosi;
  • Pubblicazioni in cataloghi d'arte;
  • Inserimenti nelle collezioni d'arte più prestigiose.

Alcuni degli ultimi eventi creati da PitturiAmo o ai quali abbiamo collaborato come partner:

  • Premio Internazionale Isabella d'Este - Ferrara 29 ottobre-1 novembre 2021
  • Fiera Internazionale Art 3f - Alta Savoia 8-10 Ottobre 2021
  • Premio Eccellenze Stilistiche - Palermo 18-25 Settembre 2021
  • Premio Artista d'Italia - Barletta, Bologna, Ferrara, Firenze, Milano, Monza, Napoli, Padova, Palermo, Parma, Perugia, Roma, Venezia 27 Agosto al 05 Ottobre 2021
  • Premio Internazionale Dante Alighieri
  • Premio Internazionale Michelangelo
  • Premio Internazionale Vittorio Sgarbi - Ferrara 29 Ottobre 2021
  • Premio Internazionale Vincent Van Gogh
  • Premio Internazionale Paris ArtExpo - Parigi 1-6 maggio 2021
  • Premio Internazionale Raffaello Sanzio - Roma 17-22 Settembre 2020
  • Primo Premio Internazionale Città di Budapest - Budapest 20-27 novembre 2020
  • Premio Internazionale PitturiAmo a New York - Manhattan 21-24 ottobre 2020;
  • Premio Internazionale Leonardo Da Vinci - Firenze 27 settembre 2020;
  • Premio Internazionale Raffello Sanzio - Roma 17-22 settembre 2020;
  • Premio Guglielmo II - Monreale (PA) 12/18 settembre 2020;
  • Premio Internazionale "I Grandi dell’Arte" - Palermo 15-21 dicembre 2019;
  • Budapest ArtExpo - Budapest - 22-27 novembre 2019;
  • Identity Culture Award - La Spezia - 5 luglio 2019;
  • Trofeo Maestri d'Italia - Firenze - 28 giugno 2019;
  • Premio Città di Parigi - Parigi - 15/27 giugno 2019;
  • Premio d'Oro Venezia 2019 - Padova - 1/15 giugno 2019.


Primo Premio PitturiAmo tenutosi a Firenze

Nino Argentati, ha ideato e realizzato PitturiAmo. Ha creato la sua prima pagina web nel 1995. Da allora ha curato innumerevoli progetti online per le aziende, specializzandosi nel posizionamento sui motori di ricerca e nella realizzazione di campagne pubblicitarie online. Grazie a PitturiAmo ha aiutato migliaia di artisti a vendere le proprie opere sia online che tramite esposizioni in gallerie, fiere, mostre e concorsi.

Here’s what to do if you want to take advantage of this unique, exclusive and unrepeatable opportunity:

  1. 1 – Fill out the information request form by CLICK on the “More Information” button;
  2. 2 – Wait for a contact from the PitturiAmo editorial team.

Registrations are closed.

ARTISTS ’21is Marketing.

P.S. This is a more unique than rare opportunity to take a very important step for your professional growth. You have the opportunity to obtain, at very advantageous prices, a presence on the most relevant International Yearbook of Contemporary Art, which avails itself of the collaboration of the most important art operators.

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